this.context.parent.get('model') missing columns from model

I have a custom model. currently in record view and subpanel when I click to add new subpanel row it retrieves the model. from backend I can see all the new columns which I have added but on the front end they are missing? How can I get it to not be missing on the front end. The new columns are aliases for custom fields which i use after_retreive and process_record to populate

I have this code

"customPanel-top": {"controller": ({
// CustomPanel-top View (base)

extendsFrom: "PanelTopView",
createRelatedClicked: function(event) {


let accountId = this.context.parent.get('model').get('id');
if(this.context.parent.get('model').get('customaccount_id_c') ){
accountId = this.context.parent.get('model').get('customaccount_id_c');

I can see customaccount_id_c for my custom model but I tried to create account_id for my custom model. it appears result from api call but does not appear when logging the model in front end. I can see it in the view.