iOS WebKit Issue (23.0.565-1.4.2-2)


We're having some trouble building the iOS app for the newly released Sugar Mobile SDK version 23.0.565-1.4.2-2. This version migrates UIWebView to WKWebView as per Apple Store's regulations, fixing issue 85264 ( However, when building and executing the iOS app, it'll hang on the launch screen and Xcode will display the following error:

Could not signal service 113: Could not find specified service

This happens on both Xcode's emulator and our iPhone device. These are the steps we took to build the app:

1. Download and unzip Sugar Mobile SDK version 23.0.565-1.4.2-2.
2. Open the terminal and run the following commands in order:

23.0.565-1.4.2-2/sdk/generate-app Sugar_v23
./sdk init-native
./sdk build -s release

3. Open the project in Xcode, select a device, build and execute.

Expected result: app opens the login/instance URL screen.
Actual result: app hangs on launch screen with WebKit error.

Are we doing something wrong or could this be a bug in version 23.0.565-1.4.2-2?

Kind regards,

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