Time of day dropdown

Hi, I'm trying to locate the dropdowns used for time of day, either the one used in either Business Centres module 

... or the BPM wait time options

Are these dropdowns hidden from Studio for some reason, or do I need to book my optician? Sunglasses

  • Dropdown Time is built in clients/base/fields/datetimecombo/datetimecombo.js, method _setupTimePicker. Actually it defines an object options containing all guidance for building such a dropdown. JS ./include/javascript/jquery/jquery.timepicker.js create the dropdown as per provided object options.

    It is also built in modules/BusinessCenters/clients/base/fields/timeselect/timeselect.js, method _setupTimePicker. Again it is created from include/javascript/jquery/jquery.timepicker.js.

    Regarding SugarBPM Fixed Datetime it is not clear which component built it.

    André Lopes
    Lampada Global
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  • Thanks Andre'
    so you are confirming these are not accessible for some reason from within Studio.

    CRM Business Consultant

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