How do I set the USERS default time-zone in sugar cloud environment

I was wondering how I set the default TIMEZONE to say AST for a user when creating them with the user wizard in Sugar Cloud.
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  • hi Rodrigo

    I saw that post but that is not what I am wanting to do. 

    My client is on the Sugar Cloud, and they have a high turn over of call centre staff. When they create a new user/employee in sugar they need to remember to change the timezone from UTC to AST. Which can be missed.

    I was wanting to some how to have this set as a default when you go into the user wizard or extend the user setup code so that it will automatically set it to a value I am wanting and not UTC.

    I was thinking along the lines of a before save logic hook that changed all users that are set as UTC to that of say ACT. But it would be nicer to have this in the generic SUGAR CRM settings somewhere.