Improve Task Contact Name With Account Validation

Users would like to validate that they have the right Task Contact Name by verifying the Account that the Contact is in. 

Initial solution was to add a calculated field to the Task that showed the Contact Account based on the Account related to the Contact Name. This conflicted with SugarBPM processes that update a Contact with Last Activity information whenever there is a new/updated Task (Note/Call/Meeting/Email). Any Contact change (like adding Last Activity information) then forced all Contact Tasks to update the calculated field. This changed all Date Modified / Modified By for all Contact Tasks....not acceptable (it also triggered further Last Activity updates...loops).  

Looking for other solutions... 

  • A way to have the Contact Account show up during Task entry but not require the updating link between Contact and Task.  
  • Another way to have the Task:Contact Account update...Logic Hook, etc.. 
  • Show the Contact Account in the Contact Name drop-down 
  • ? 

Thanks for any suggestions!  VO

  • Hello

    Actually, most of the options you've mentioned could be implemented, so it's up to you to decide which one would work better for the users.

    1. Extend the Contact full name with Account Name in the quick search lookup for the Contact Name field
    This could be done with some code development, the advantage of this option is the speed of data entering and "soft" validation - it keeps the possibility to set a contact from another company while being informed that contact account and task account do not match

    2. To enforce Sugar prefilter the Contacts for Contact Name field, so that users could select the Contact Name field value from the Contacts that belong to Task's Account.
    This could be done with some code development, the advantage of this option is that no validation necessary at all - the user is limited in selecting Contacts by Sugar

    3. Literally to configure validation requested - so that Sugar to check whether the Contact Name selected belongs to Account to which this Task is related and prevent the record from saving if it does not.

    The third option is the simplest in implementation - as you may know, creating logic hooks does not require coding if to employ  Logic Builder no-code tool to design them

    Since I have access to the Logic Builder (, I did configured validation requested - please feel free to use the solution designed - it took just 10 min to get a zip

    Here is the zip package of the solution designed, to make it work for your Sugar
    a) install zip via Module Loader and
    b) refresh the page cache (Ctrl+Shift+R) so that validation start working

    And here is the video of how this validation implementation works for regular Sugar demoinstance:

    If you are interested to know how the validation design looks in the Logic Builder environment and whether it may really take just 10 min to design it - just check this picture (zoom in to read, and follow the white line as the main logic flow):

    Let me know if you have any questions

    In case this third option - the validation with logic hook -  is not enough and you'd prefer to discover the options that should be implemented with code development - let me know - I could request my fellow development teammates to estimate the coding efforts

    I hope this helps

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
    We make work in Sugar CRM system faster, more convenient and efficient

  • Thank you so much for the thoughtful response, Dmytro. Let me check with my team regarding requirements and I will get back to you and the thread. Thanks again!

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