Populate a subpanel with custom query

Hi there !

I'm working on a Cloud 10.3 Enterprise instance.

I tried several things but didn't manage to achieve the result I want ... 

Let me explain to you : 

In a custom module (named Bail_Baux), I have a subpanel displaying the "Lots" entites related to the "Bail" entity.

I want to change the way the data are displayed, they are still linked to the same module, but I need to make a group by query based on several items (type, bail code, etc ...).

I tried the following links, but no way, nothing change in my display of subpanel : 



The custom subpanel doesn't appear, nor the content of the existing one changed ... 

Is this modification still available in Sugar 10 ? I see similar things in the code, but didn't perform to add my custom query.

Second thing, is there a way to add group by or whole custom query with this tuto : 


Thanks in advance and best regards,


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