Incorrect date format in scheduled email

Hi folks, I am working on SugarCRM since past two and a half month so I am new to SugarCRM.

Now coming to question I am using Sugar Sell 10.2.

I have one job in scheduler which sends an email regarding Quote to assigned user at interval of 5 min. I am using a PMSE template here and it contains one date field(expected close date). Now the issue is Date which i am getting in email is in dd-mm-yyyy but it should be mm-dd-yyyy.

So, to troubleshoot the issue I created one before_save logichook for Quotes module and placed same code as per Scheduled Job and changed email's subject and added [LogicHooks] at the end to differentiate it from scheduler email. Same thing i did with scheduler job code I added [Scheduler] at the end of subject.

Now I am using same code and same PMSE template for both scheduler & before_save logichooks code. The only difference is subject which i am doing to differentiate email from one another. I am receiving dd-mm-yyyy in mail received from scheduler(which is incorrect). And mm-dd-yyyy from logichooks(which is correct).

So i have a theory that it has something to do with server's php configuration since scheduler runs using command-line php service.

So is there any solution to fix this incorrect date issue? or am I missing something here.

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