Manage your Database Subscription Size

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In this series, you will learn more about the various features you can use in Sugar Market to manage your database size to fit within your subscription.  We will cover post-sync cleanup reports, sync filters (for SugarCRM customers), mass deletion reports, and the recycle bin feature. 

Intended Audience:

  • New Sugar Market Users
  • Sugar Market Admin Users
  • Executives looking for a high level overview

This course includes the following lessons:

  • Part One: Post-Sync Cleanup Report
  • Part Two: Sync Filters
  • Part Three: Mass Deletion Reports
  • Part Four: Recycle Bin


About 20 minutes


Part One: Post-Sync Cleanup Report

In this video, we’ll review how to assign a custom report as a post-sync cleanup report in Sugar Market. 

Part Two: Sync Filters

In this video, you’ll learn how to set up sync filters for the SugarCRM and Sugar Market integration. 

Part Three: Mass Deletion Report

In this video, we’ll review how to mass delete lead and contact records by custom report in Sugar Market. 

Part Four: Recycle Bin

In this video, we’ll review the recycle bin feature in the Sugar Market CRM connector screen. 

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