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About this Training:

Enroll in this custom training if you are looking to learn more about the various list types and how to create them in Sugar Market.  Available lists in Sugar Market include: Distribution Lists, Dynamic Lists, Suppression Lists, Preference Lists, and CRM specific lists (depending on your external CRM). If you are looking for advice on best practices, or how to create a specific list for your use case, this training may be a good fit for you.

Possible Topics for Discussion:

  • How to use the import wizard
  • How to create and use a distribution list
    • What are the different ways a user can add members to a distribution list?
  • How to create and use a dynamic list
  • How to manage suppression/preference lists
  • Including & Excluding Recipients
  • Other

How this Process Works:

  • Select Enroll & Purchase
  • Complete payment via Credit Card
  • Read through the instructional slide deck detailing next steps
  • Complete the survey on the HTML page
  • A Sugar Market trainer will reach out to you via email

Things to Consider Before Purchase:

**This training hour should not be purchased for technical support assistance.  If you are experiencing technical issues with your Sugar Market account, please create a case with the Sugar Support team in the Support Portal.

**Do not enroll in this training if your company has not completed Sugar Market onboarding.


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Price: $200.00