How Sugar Market and Sugar Sell Work Together

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This course is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of how Sugar Market and Sugar sell work together. 

Intended Audience:

  • Individuals who are curious about using Sugar Market and Sugar Sell together
  • Sugar Market users
  • Sugar Sell users  

This course includes the following lessons: 

  • How Sugar Market and Sugar Sell are defined
  • Using Sugar Market to generate leads and push them to Sugar Sell
  • Following a lead through the sales cycle to a closed sales deal in Sugar Sell
  • Using Sugar Market to connect with your current customers
  • Accesing additional Sugar Market and Sugar Sell resources 


30 minutes


Lesson 1: Course Introduction
Lesson 2: Show the Process from Creating a Recipient List to Pushing New Leads to Sugar Sell
Lesson 3: Demonstrate the Process from a Lead to Closed Deal in Sugar Sell
Lesson 4: Use Sugar Market to Connect with Current Customers
Lesson 5: Conclude the Course
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