Advanced Analytics Overview

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Learn how to create reports and dashboards in Advanced Analytics using your Sugar Market data.  You will learn how to navigate the platform, understand the available Explore categories, build a Look (report), edit a Look, and create a dashboard.

Intended Audience:

  • New Sugar Market Users
  • Sugar Market Admin Users
  • Executives looking for a high level overview

This course includes the following lessons:

  • Part One: Navigation
  • Part Two: Explore
  • Part Three: Build a Look
  • Part Four: Dashboards


About 20 minutes


Part One: Navigation

In this video, we will review how to navigate through your Advanced Analytics instance.

Part Two: Explore

In this video, we’ll review the available Explore categories in Advanced Analytics. 

Part Three: Build a Look

In this video, we will review the explore area and build an example look in the Campaign Performance explore. 

Part Four: Dashboards

In this video, we will review how to edit a Look and create a dashboard in Advanced Analytics. 

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