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This self-paced course will provide you with a basic understanding of what Sugar Integrate is, the components that make up the platform, and how they can be used. 


Learning Objectives:

•Get to know the platform 

•Learn about Adapters

•Learn about Common Resources

•Learn about Procedures


Part 1 - An Introduction To The Sugar Integrate Platform

This is a brief introduction to the platform. It provides features and benefits of using Sugar Integrate.

Part 2 - Using Adapters

In this section the following is covered:

  • Eventing and polling
  • Using the discovery APIs of an adapter and retrieving data for specific object
  • Authentication Types

  • Connecting and integrating with API's
  • Pagination 
  • Bulk uploads and downloads
  • Querying 
  • Normalized access to your data API 
Part 3 - Using Common Resources

In this section the following is covered:

  • Point to point integration vs. One to many
  • 3 levels of common resources 
  • Common resource usage 
  • Common resource JavaScript

  • Transformation settings

  • Benefits of a common resource

  • Common resource templates
  • Common resource templates usage

Part 4 - Using Procedures and Procedure Instances

In this section the following is covered:

  • Reusable workflows
  • Procedures and key concepts
  • Templates vs. Instances

  • Connecting and integrating with API's
  • Variables
  • Triggers
  • Executions 
  • Steps
  • Procedure benefits

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