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Users will build a working integration using procedures, adapters and common
resources. Users will also be able to debug integration assets.

• It is assumed that anyone taking this training has already taken the Getting Started with Sugar Integrate training course and has an understanding of instances, common resources, and procedures.

If this is not the case then those individuals will need to do an independent study to learn this information prior to beginning this training.

• Trainings will “Describe, Show, Do” and be more about hands on education than slides


Sugar Integrate Instance Request

There are hands-on assignments in this course, in which users will need a Sugar Integrate training instance to perform these assignments.

Sugar Integrate Advanced Training Prerequisites

Before you begin this course you should have completed the

Getting Started with Sugar Integrate Training Course

This is the foundation for Sugar Integrate Enablement Training.

Lastly, you will need to request and have access to a Sugar Integrate Staging Environment in order to complete this course.

Anatomy of An Adapter

This training will cover the anatomy of an Adapter.

In this lesson we’ll cover:

  • Adapter Builder (AB) vs. Java-built adapters
  • Set-up page and key information
  • Paging setup
  • Authentication Type
  • Event setup
  • Resource Types


Debugging Adapter Instance Issues and Eventing Issues

This training will cover Debugging Adapter Instance Issues and Eventing Issues.

In this lesson we’ll cover:

  • Authentication issues
  • Improper requests to vendor
  • Credential scoping issues
  • Disabled Events
  • Improper Webhook Configurations

Please use the following links to complete the lab at the end of this lesson:

You can use one of the following API vendors:

●Spotify (API Docs)

●Weather Underground (API Docs

Common Resources and Advanced Common Resources

This training will cover Common Resource and Advanced Common Resources.

In this lesson we’ll cover:

  • What is a Common Resource?
  • When Should I use a Common Resource?
  • Organization Structure
  • Common resources JavaScript
  • Making an HTTP request from a Common Resource?
  • Debugging a Common Resource 
Procedures and Advanced Procedures

This training will cover Procedures and Advanced Procedures.

In this lesson we’ll cover:

  • Trigger and Step Overview
  • Debug Mode
  • Failed Execution vs. Intentional Failed Execution Path
  • PAARs vs Manual Execution
  • How to aggregate data in a Procedure
  • The Stream Step
  • Debugging Procedures

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