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Get started as a Sugar Developer and learn how to implement Sugar platform customization requests through a variety of extension techniques and best practices.

Intended Audience:

  • Sugar Developers
  • Solution Architects
  • Implementation Consultants

This course includes the following lessons:

  • Introduction to Sugar Modules 
  • Introduction for Developers
  • Customizing the Sugar Platform
  • The Extension Framework and the Sidecar Framework
  • Extension Framework: Vardefs Extension
  • Extension Framework: Logic Hook Extension
  • Sidecar Framework: Change order of Subpanels 
  • Sidecar Framework: Add a Custom Button
  • Sidecar Framework: Add a Custom Validation
  • Sidecar Framework: Add a Custom Dashlet




How Sugar Modules work Together

What you'll learn:

  • The core modules used for marketing, sales, and support automation in Sugar Enterprise.
  • How commonly used modules work together in the application. 
Introduction for Sugar Developers

The getting started learning pathway is designed to provide developers a clear understanding of how the SugarCRM Customer Relationship Management platform is customized through code extensions, also referred to as ‘development’. The Sugar platform is designed to support a wide range of extensions that can be applied to the underlying platform, the Sugar user interfaces and in support of integration with external applications.

Developers who are new to the Sugar platform also need to understand which types of customizations can accomplished through configuration alone, either by users or through the Sugar Administration interface. This is why the presentation begins by comparing development to other modes by which Sugar can be customized. Quite commonly, customizations require a mix of configuration and development.

The central focus of this course are the two frameworks by which most extensions are applied to Sugar: the Extension Framework and the Sidecar Framework. Several extension examples referenced in the Course Presentation are presented in detail on this page.

Customizing the Sugar Platform

Learn the basics of how to customize the Sugar Platform as a Developer. 

The Extension Framework and the Sidecar Framework

Learn about how customization through development in Sugar is supported through the extension and sidecar framework. 

Extension Framework – Vardefs Extensions

See how Vardefs extensions are used to change the type of a user input field as well as disable the Activity Stream mode of a module interface.

Extension Framework - Logic Hook Extension

In this example, we'll show you how a logic hook extension can be used to execute custom code before a module record is saved. 

Sidecar Framework – Change Order of Subpanels

In this example, we cover how to change the sidecar view metadata to rearrange the subpanel order in a module. 

Sidecar Framework: Add a Custom Button

Learn how to add a custom button to a module menu. 

Sidecar Framework – Add a Custom Validation

In this example, we'll show you how a custom field validation can be added to a sidecar record view. 

Sidecar Framework – Add a Custom Dashlet

Learn how a custom dashlet can be developed for the Accounts module in Sugar. 

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