Installing & Using the Outlook Plug-in

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Learn how to install, configure, and use the Outlook plug-in with Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, or Sugar Enterprise. 

Intended Audience:

  • SugarCRM End Users

This course includes the following lessons: 

  • Installing and configuring the Outlook plug-in
  • Archiving emails using the Outlook plug-in
  • Syncing records between Outlook and Sugar


About 10 minutes


How to Install and Configure the Outlook Plug-in

In this video we'll cover how to install and configure the Outlook plug-in.

Archiving Emails using the Outlook plug-in

In this video we'll show you how to archive emails using the Outlook plug-in.

Syncing Records between Outlook and Sugar

In this video we'll show you how to sync records between Outlook and Sugar. 

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