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Watch the recorded sessions from our first ever ClubZone user conference, you'll find the sessions from the Sales track for all regions in this course. 


A Day in the Life of a BDR

See Sugar's own Matt Maguire walk you through a day in the life of a BDR. 

A Real Success Story for Enabling Change

This is the story about how a mid-sized not-for-profit beat the odds and successfully implemented SugarCRM to resounding success and began the shift to be an agile and learning organization. We will share our change, learning and communication approach, the activities we undertook and the outcomes we achieved.

HIPAA Compliance for SugarCRM

In this session, Faye will walk attendees through all aspects of HIPAA Compliance for SugarCRM and dive into some example workflows of existing HIPAA clients.

Drilldown Dashlets and Record Buttons - One Tab to Success!

During this session we will review the unique ability of SugarCRM to allow users to work inside of a Dashlet. The use of contextual dashboards removes the need to have several tabs open to understand the complete view of the customer. Combine this functionality with Record Buttons to create related objects and perform common functions and possibilities are endless!

How to Increase Your Sales Pipeline Without Increasing Headcount

Data shows that it takes an average of three months for a new salesperson to be ready to interact with buyers. It also takes nine months for new reps to perform competently and 15 months to become top performers. This timeframe isn’t even considering the amount of time it takes to find the “right” person to add to your sales team. Suppose you are like most companies in today’s post-pandemic, competitive marketplace. In that case, you don’t have more than a year or the resources to get the right person in the right seat efficiently — especially one that can perform at maximum capacity. But there’s no other option, right? Wrong. Conversica’s AI Assistants are the fastest path to augmenting your sales force with guaranteed onboarding and operation at max performance within 30 days or less. And it gets better; BrainSell, an Elite SugarCRM partner, has built a Sugar Conversica integration so that your sales reps can access the value of Conversica without having to leave Sugar. In this session, you will learn how: AI is redefining the future of work and why that is relevant to your business. Conversica’s AI assistants can augment your revenue team to engage customers and prospects better. BrainSell’s Sugar Conversica integration is helping sales teams perform well consistently without ever having to leave the CRM.

Beyond successful CRM implementation; Making powerful solutions work on a daily basis. The Dutch Police Success Story

CRM system, CRM strategy, CX? Much has changed in these areas in recent years. Even more if you take a look at the accelerated speed of further digitization and automation. Many organizations are now asking themselves the question: How can digitization best create value for my organization and customers? And how do I successfully implement powerful solutions? In this session, Harmen of BrixCRM will explain, based on practical examples, what you should pay particular attention to if you want to successfully implement CRM within your organization. He will be highlighting common implementation issues, identify key success factors and give examples of successful and powerful CRM/solutions implementations of BrixCRM. Joining him is Dirk Weggeman, an Organisational Specialist within the Service Centre of the National Dutch Police, telling all about the digital transformation route they started and the important role the implementation of Brix’s CRM solution played.

How to Use Sugar Sell to Manage Recurring Revenue

More business are moving to subscription based business models to meet the demands of clients. According to Gartner, 3 out of 4 business to consumer (B2C) focused companies will offer a subscription service by 2023, and we are seeing B2B focused businesses develop similar offerings. Subscription based offerings provide business with more predictable revenue streams and the opportunity to better understand their clients and develop long-lasting relationships. According to John Warrilow, a business with a high percentage of recurring, subscription-based revenue will be up to eight times more valuable than a comparable business with very little recurring revenue. In this session, we will demonstrate the unique functionality included in Sugar Sell for managing your valuable recurring and subscription revenue.

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