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Watch the recorded sessions from our first ever ClubZone user conference, you'll find the sessions from the Operations track for all regions in this course. 


Sugar’s AI Advantage: Maximizing SugarPredict

Learn about predict recommendations, how they are formed, and how you can maximize your organization’s readiness.

Sugar Integrations 101: Expanding the use of SugarCRM

The focus of this talk will be to discuss some typical Integration scenarios with SugarCRM and some of the specific endpoints that are available.

From a Good Idea to a Sugar Product

Have you built something on Sugar that’s valuable? Or do you have an idea on how to solve a common problem that Sugar users face? The Sugar platform can be extended in countless ways to solve all sorts of problems that save you and your fellow user’s time and money. But how do you take an idea or even a complete solution that you’ve implemented for yourself and share it with others? You need to know how to research, design, implement, and then go to market with a solution for SugarCloud and on-premise. This session will cover tips, best practices, and the required steps to become a successful technology (ISV) partner in the SugarCRM ecosystem.

SugarBPM Masterclass

In this session, Sugar's own Odin Arellano, Sr Technical Account Manager, covers the following:

-SugarBPM Components

-Best practices on designing Process definitions

-Maintenance and change control

-Scalability Success Cases

Turning Customizations into Simple Endpoints Calls

Engage powerful custom field types in order to simplify complex data set loading from database.

Sugar Integrations: from concept to APIs

We are going to learn a little about Sugar Integrate and integrations productization, then discussing integrations from high level concepts to their setup and maintenance. We are also going to cover more technical topics such as the go-to approaches for integrating with Sugar's API.

Bringing your Data to the Surface with Sugar Dashboards and Reports

There is a very famous saying that goes something like this: "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it" - Peter Drucker, renowned management thinker. In this session we explore some common reports, and follow Jake, a fictitious Sales Manager at Total Engineering Services who needs to hit his quota this quarter. Jake is often on the go, and uses both Sugar on his laptop and on his iPhone. Join us to get an insight into how Sugar supports him to keep track of his pipeline and that of his subordinates.

Secrets to Implementation Success with SugarCRM

Good implementation can set the stage right for a carefully planned change program. Turning the program into reality requires focus on prioritized initiatives, sustainable bottom line impact amongst many others. Join us on the journey with GPC Asia Pacific’s Chris Hartley, General Manager (Applications, Information and Integration) and Bernie Hoffman (Project Manager) on how they design and execute their transformation projects, ensure stakeholder involvement and engagement as well some learnings from their journey implementing SugarCRM.

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