Using One-Click Logins in wMobile Phone for GoldMine

AOneClick Login is a shortcut to accessing wMobile for GoldMine quickly. When you use a One-Click Login browser shortcut, the login page will come up automatically and the username and password are entered for you. (A One-Click Login is an encrypted web address (URL) that contains your organization's wMobile server address combined with a user's username and password). On some devices, the web page can be associated with a keyboard shortcut to offer the most convenient wMobile access.

If this feature is enabled, wMobile will allow you to copy this URL and save it as your wMobile "Favorite" or "Bookmark" shortcut. If your company’s security policy does not allow it, the feature can be disabled. This setting can be configured in wMobile Manager Console by an administrator.

Creating a One-Click Login:

Users can create their One-Click logins in wMobile Phone, by tapping on the user profile menu and then selecting My Preferences.

Click on Setup One-Click Login:

Saving a One-Click Login on an Android 

On an Android, using Samsung default browser, tap on the browser menu icon as highlighted in yellow below.

Select Add page to:

Then select Home screen:

Select a name for the shortcut and then tap “ADD.”

In the end, you should be able to see the icon on your cell phone’s home screen.

Saving the One-Click Login on an iPhone

Tap the share button as highlighted below:

Select Add to Home Screen to add the shortcut to the iPhone home screen (or Add Bookmark to add as a Safari browser bookmark.

The resulting icon will be placed on the Home Screen.


  • If your GoldMine password is changed after creating a One-Click Login, that One-Click Login will no longer work and a new one would need to be created.
  • One-Click Login can be restricted if your company's security policy requires users to log in with their username and password each time.

We hope this article will help you to have an instant login to wMobile.

This feature applies to wMobile for GoldMine 5.1 and above.