Under Review
over 1 year ago

iOS 3D Touch and Peek and Pop in Sugar Mobile 4.x

As the new Sugar Mobile 4.x app is so easy to use and looks great on an iPhone, it would be great to utilize some of the new functionality found on the new iPhone 6s and 7 devices.

As these now have the options of 3D Touch to add extra functionality, it would make sense for SugarCRM to be amongst the development leaders in embracing the new ways of using this common device.

By adding Peek and Pop to records in Sugar Mobile, a user would be able to quickly "scan" as to whether the record they are about to look at is the correct one (for example, when looking at a Contact, "peeking" at Opportunities or related Quotes would save a lot of back and forth navigating to find the correct record.

Also, by using the 3D Touch to pop up Listview "create related content" buttons (e.g. Create Call, Schedule Meeting, Create Opportunity from a Contact record in the Contacts List View) would save valuable time when out on the road.