Under Review
over 1 year ago

Enhanced Notes Functionality

We've received feedback from our sales users (who are mostly on the road). While the ability to access SugarCRM from the mobile app is well received, the mobile layout is not as friendly as expected to enter notes. The notes field is hideen behind the subpanels. As a sales user, one of their main task is to add notes or take notes from a customer visit or engagement. It would be nice to have a highlight on capturing quick notes in our mobile app. Possibly introduce a quick navigation bar at the bottom to add quick notes, add calendar events, add task. Upon clicking, it would automatically go into the description field for note taking. Ideally having a preset subject of quick note that can be edited after the fact. Lastly, if auto-save can be implemented, that will work wonders. Several times, when a note is typed, user could forget to hit save and lose a lengthy note that they typed in.

Piggybacking on the subject of autosave, If this can be implemented on desktop for the Quick Note feature, it will also be a life saver to customer service reps and sales reps. Most of the time, they would type and accidentally click out or refresh the screen and lose all the changes. We've had this auto-save for advanced workflows, I'm hoping we could implement something similar to Notes.