Sugar Discover new updates as of April 9, 2021

Sugar Discover Overview

Sugar Discover is a Smart Data Discovery solution that continuously analyzes your sales and marketing metrics, learns normal patterns and relationships between attributes in your data, and surfaces insights into changes impacting those metrics. Sugar Discover's automated analytics approach delivers early insight into changing business conditions, with greater context to guide the user's towards needed actions and without having to manually pour through dozens of reports, dashboards, and spreadsheets. Discover unlocks the true value of Sugar Sell by automatically monitoring performance across your key business metrics, surfacing deep insights into the factors impacting those metrics, and empowering you to make more timely data-driven decisions.


What’s new in Sugar Discover?

  • Discover Slicers: The Slicers feature introduces a method that simplifies the viewing of Discover reports by allowing users to filter data without leaving the report view.
  • Discover is translated into all Sugar core languages.
  • Location preferences have been added to user profiles to determine how date, time, decimal character, and grouping characters are displayed in the user interface and in reports. 

 Detail can be viewed at  Sugar Discover Release Notes.

Customers can learn more about Sugar Discover through the following resources: