Sugar Connector for Marketo 3.1.9 Released

The Sugar Connector for Marketo 3.1.9 is now available.

This release includes compatibility updates for the upcoming Q2 2020 release.

More information on the Sugar Connector for Marketo 3.1.9, including the release notes, supported platforms, user guide, and the installation guide can be found on the Installable Connectors page.

The Sugar Connector for Marketo 3.1.9 can be downloaded through SugarExchange.

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  • Rich Green - I am currently setting up a new Marketo instance, and integrating with the Sugar Connector for Marketo 3.1.9.

    The connector does not appear to have a way to sync Targets between the two systems. My organization utilizes the Target module in Sugar for a wide range of lesser qualified records. When Marketo finds these emails absent from the SugarCRM leads module, it is creating leads for our nearly 12,000 targets with emails.

    Is there a way to have the connector map Targets as well as Leads? 

    My concern with relying on a lead-score threshold is that it will mean our databases will be out of sync, when they should be 1:1.