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over 1 year ago

Test Licenses for Sugar Connect

We have plenty of customers that are interested in Sugar Connect but since the state of things is as it is few of them want to buy yearly subscriptions without testing the functionality.
Are there any plans for test or trial licenses that we can offer our customers to sway them into using Sugar Connect?

  • Hi Annie,

    What kind of functionality was missing from your expectations?
    My experience is that the free plugin is a bit stale and non dynamic but works fine if you just want to archive emails and map them to accounts/contacts.
    I'd love to get more opinions from Outlook Users since we use Gmail and Sugar Connect works perfect for us but then there is no real alternative to compare in the same way as for Outlook users.

  • Customer here. I wish I had this information before diving in - so compelled to share.

    Speaking as a predominantly OUTLOOK DESKTOP version user, I very much recommend customers holding off and trying before you buy, or getting as much exposure as possible to it before buying. Be very scrupulous in understanding the compatibility requirements as many of my users are unable to use the tool until they get their systems updated or reimaged.

    As of this moment, the product is not what I anticipated it be. I would've realized this quickly with a trial version (which I did request...) I know they are addressing some things in the roadmap - but for right now, the free plug-in is just as good. It doesn't respect some of the logic and formatting of our desktop version of Sugar.