Calendar Sync


Our customer have a problem with Sugar Connect. It is creating multiple meetings in outlook and in sugar. What is this due to?

See picture. 

  • My team's also been seeing issues with Sugar Connect with it pushing changes to their contacts names, adding in suffixes,  adding private meetings to their public calendar,  etc.   

    Also, when some tasks / meetings are deleted / marked as complete it is sending another meeting invite. 

  • Hi Sofia,

    There are two scenarios that can result in duplicate meetings. 

    One is that the user is not using the primary calendar to sync things, which would result in Sugar looking to create a custom calendar. If there's a restart of the sync process from within the Connect tenant, then the system would try to restart the entire sync process using a new custom calendar.

    The other is that there is a dev instance with another Connect tenant, and users in common in dev and production have auto-sync turned on. 

    If those situations don't apply, please open a case with Support, which will ask for more details about the structure of the Connect setup (whether there are multiple instances, whether there were resyncs, details about what exactly gets duplicated and when, etc.).

  • Hi Michael, see here for a detailed description of how Contact Sync works: Changes to Contacts in Sugar will be pushed to Email Contacts if Contact Sync is turned on. Please let us know if the behavior you're seeing in your instance differs from what is described in the KB article.