Outlook sync

I would like to sync my outlook calendar with Sugar meetings. I have followed all the set up rules in 'enabled calendar sync' but I do not understand which calendar 'primary calendar' is? 

Use Primary Calendar : By default, "Use primary calendar" is selected so the connector will sync events to and from your main Google or Outlook calendar. You can disable this option if you want Sugar Connect to create a new custom calendar in your client labeled "Sugar" and only events in the "Sugar" calendar will sync with your Sugar instance.

also, what is a 'new customer calendar' and how does that work? 

  • In both Google and Outlook, you have a default calendar - the one you by default accept invites on, or create events to. We consider that your "primary" calendar, and by default, we'll sync everything to/from that one.

    Alternatively, some people do not want everything in their calendar sync'd (e.g. if you create a placeholder calendar entry to walk your dog - that would get sync'd) - so they create a custom calendar (feature of both Outlook and Google). If you create a custom calendar via Outlook/Gmail, you can alternatively sync everything in that calendar to Sugar instead.

    PS note "custom calendar", not "customer calendar".

  • Many thanks for your helpful response. You are correct, we do not want everything sync'd.... after setting up the calendar sync yesterday I can see everything appearing in Sugar, including my personal reminders. I would like to know more about creating a 'custom calendar' - could this be a calendar that is created then when I create an appointment in my primary calendar i.e. my outlook calendar I invite the 'custom calendar' to the appointment so it populates the custom calendar then sync's to Sugar?