Sugar Connect Set up

There are three main steps in configuring Sugar Connect for your users. 

Let's go through each step. 

Set up Sugar Connect Tenant

  1. Navigate to the Sugar Connect Portal at

  2. Click on the appropriate button to register using your G Suite or Office 365 account.

  3. As the first user from your organization's domain (i.e., * to access the portal, you will be prompted to complete the following fields on the signup form:

    • Organization Name : Enter your organization's name. This is a unique name for your Sugar Connect tenant. 
    • Phone Number : Enter the work number used to reach your Sugar Connect administrator.
    • Team Size : Select an approximate range that corresponds with the number of sales-team members at your organization.
    • SugarCRM License Key : Enter your SugarCRM License Key that was provided to you or can be found within your SugarCRM instance via Admin > License Management.

      Check the terms of service. This indicates your acceptance of SugarCRM terms of service. 

  4. Click on "Sign up" to complete the registration process.This can can take a few minutes to finish. 

  5. Upon authenticating as the first user from your domain, you will automatically be assigned "Admin" portal user status and will be redirected to the Sugar Connect Portal, where you must enter your Sugar admin credentials to continue. Click on "CRM Data Source" located on the right side of the portal under Admin Center.

  6. Enter your Sugar Instance URL and the admin credentials in the CRM Data Source form. 

Your Sugar Connect tenant is set up and now points towards your SugarCRM instance.  

Invite Users 

Click on the Users link on the menu options on the left. Click on Add users. Enter users email address. 

Each user will receive an invite via email.
Important - They need to click on Accept button in the email to be registered as a user. 

After clicking on Accept, users can login to the Sugar Connect portal to set up their sync options. 
The URL for the portal is where organization is the name that was selected in Step 1.
After user accepts the invite, admin needs to map user to CRM user.

Obtain the Add In

Finally, each user needs to download the add-in for their email. 

You can send the following link to your users to install the add-in. 

For Office 365 users : Installing Sugar Connect for Outlook
For G Suite users : Installing Sugar Connect for Gmail

You are all set. 

Helpful Links. 

Configuration and Setup

Sugar Connect User Guide for Office 365 (Outlook)

Sugar Connect User Guide for G Suite (Gmail)

If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Sugar Support on our portal, via email at, or by phone at +1 (877) 842-7276.