Many to Many relationship with Product Templates

Hi, has anyone been able to create a many-to-many relationship with the Product Catalogue?

I'm trying to relate 'child' products to a main 'bundle product record (and then use custom code logic hook to pull in child products into new revenue line items when the bundle is selected.

I prefer to make relationships in Studio as the best practice is for most configurations to be done in this way.

I discovered that I cannot create any 'many' relationships with the Product Templates module.

Any ideas?

Thanks, JB

  • Hi James, 

    I am trying to do the same thing, glad you posted. Currently, I have not been able to achieve this either. I attempted to create the one-to-one relationship but it wasn't working how I intend for this to be configured.

    We have a requirement to have a parent product record for each 'item'. This would hold the latest version details of the item(s) that we sell. The sales team have price breaks per item, so still require several instances of the same item. 

    The idea was that our dev team update the parent record with new version details and then by an automated workflow, it updates all the child products so that they pull through the very latest version. This in turn would then pull through to the other modules that utilise the Product Catalogue.

    If any one has any suggestions, I would also be keen to know. 


  • Hi Jenny, I see what you're trying to do. 

    It sounds like you have multiple Product Template records, that are essentially the same product but duplicated for different qty levels? Like:

    Product A (Main)
    Product A 1-10
    Product A 11-20
    Product A 21-30
    Product A 31-40

    ...but you only want to update the details on the Main Product and have that filter down?

    What we're doing is creating a new module (module builder) and relating the products M:M and 1:M so we end up with one 'Parent' record and several 'Child' products which will be part of a 'bundle' of products. Our developer will be using custom code to handle the relationships as Studio is limited with this.

  • Hi James,

    We have implemented many-to-many relationship for the product catalog and discount policy / block pricing feature for the product catalog.

    Creating a many-to-many relationship requires code level modifications to few files. So you can create the Bundle Product. And using custom code we have added another tab "Bundle Products" to the "Product Catalog Dashlet" so that users can add the Bundled Product.

    This feature implementation is quite complex.

    However implementing a discount policy / block or tier pricing is much more simpler. For block / tier pricing implementation we dont need to have the parent-child relationship for the product catalog.

    We are planning to publish a blog soon on how to add the many-to-many relationship to product catalog. 

    Warm Regards

    Ram Kumar LK

  • Hi James,
    Is that the business task of introducing packages?

    Working with the Sugar platform for 11 years, I sometimes feel that I do "invent a bicycle" due to a lack of information about solutions other partners provide - so I hope the video below could be of help to others...

    Video on how the solution works:  so that to decide whether to watch from the beginning the whole implementation done in 30 minutes

    I hope this helps

    Best Regards,
    Dmytro Chupylka
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  • Hi

    We implemented exactly this same feature. Let me know if you would like to see a demo.


    André Lopes
    Lampada Global
    Skype: andre.lampada
  • hi
    How about creating a custom module for the Products included in the bundle, and relate that instead?

    CRM Business Consultant