Merge Lead and Contact

Is it possible to merge a Lead and a Contact?

I am finding some data simply doesn't move from Lead to Contact after conversion. For example, much of the data coming from Sugar Market.

The data is still important.

  • I suppose the logic hook could be configured to copy-transform-paste Lead-related data into Contact-related data on contact record is created -  if some data is not copied automatically.
    However, to confirm and estimate, a list of data to copy is necessary, also the data copy could hardly be synced back to the Market as contact's behavior

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  • As I mentioned in another post, there is simply data that winds up in a Lead from Sugar Market, that doesn't make it to the converted Contact.

    I mentioned Landing Pages in that other post, but other things like the Campaign Log don't make it either.

    In the case below, the Lead downloaded some assets. Cool!

    But upon Lead conversion, they are left with the Lead. Now as I start working with the Contact, I don't know about the assets they were clearly interested in.

  • And I can't think of a reason I would want the Lead data in Sugar Market. Our Contacts are already sync'd with Market.