Landing Page Data During Lead Conversion

We use Sugar Sell and Sugar Market.

When Sugar Market was installed, it added several subpanels to Leads and Contacts. One of those is the Landing Page.

This is great information. I mean who doesn't want to keep track of the Landing Page a Lead came from?

What I have learned is that during Lead Conversion, the Landing Page does not come across to the Contact. Support basically said Sugar Market was not developed by Sugar so...

Is there anyone here using both Sugar Sell and Sugar Market?

If so, when you convert Leads, how are you dealing with the Landing Page data?

I couldn't figure it out at first, but during the conversion process, one of the steps is for the Landing Page. It makes it seem like you should be creating a new Landing Page, which makes no sense.

So, if you Search instead you can search for the Landing Page they filled the form out on.

But, during the conversion, there is no easy way to search for this. If I am walking down the steps of conversion, I can't easily tell any more what form, on what page they filled out. So, as a workaround, I am opening the same Lead in another tab so I can keep the above info open while I am converting the Lead.

This is important because when I do a search for the Landing Page instead of Creating a Landing Page, it only searches for the Landing Page name and then gives me all the times it has been filled out. I cannot see which one is associated with this Lead.

So now I am looking at the Lead in one tab to see which Landing Page and what date/time it was filled out so I can select the right one in the above screen.

Is there an easier/better way to do what I am trying to do?