Strategic Account Planning Tools in SugarCRM

This may be the wrong place to ask this question or to open the discussion. If so, sorry about that! 

I was wonder what tools, capabilities, integrations, or processes does your organization have related to Strategic Account Planning, and how do they tie into SugarCRM? 

Our organization has a custom module we've built, but it lacks some of the things I see in some web-based, modern account planning tools. For example, many available tools include full drag/drop mapping of contacts. 

Some of my very rough requirement would be: 
* Contact Relationship Mapping → Both Reporting structure (who reports to who), but also influence mapping.
* Identify Key contacts, relationships, stakeholders, supporters, access/alignment, competitor access, Role, influence level
* Integrated into SugarCRM (ideally bi-directional) for Contacts, Opportunities, Tasks, Meetings. Visibility to certain SugarCRM fields like our tracked Revenues, Open Opportunities by Segment/Product, Whitespace 
* Customer Priorities, Action Items → Be able to create customer initiatives, and map action items related to those initiatives.
* SWOT Analysis
* Clean, Simplified, Modern UI → Simple Drag/Drop tools
* Customizable → Allow our CRM Partner, or our internal CRM Team to be able to configure basic functions, like Product offerings, Key Fields on Opportunities, Job Aids, Uploaded Documents, links to internal training collateral.