"Date modified" by a human (i.e. user)?

Hi y'all.

Ok, so I have this process in our instance that counts the days the opportunity is in each sales stage:

Working fine and dandy. However, the Opportunity record is updated every day by the Sugar Admin user in order to add 1 day to the appropriate count field. A manager wants to see when the record was updated by a human (his sales staff) but cannot because of this process. Any idea for a workaround?


  • What is the value to the manager of seeing when an Opportunity was modified? e.g. a sales staff member could add a space to the name/description field and it'd update the date modified.. and it'd tell the manager nothing. And on the flip side, the sales person could log a critical call/email against the Opp, and in this scenario, the date modified does not get changed... and again the field tells the manager nothing.

    So - I would normally discourage a customer from doing this as there's no inherit meaning to the Opp date modified, and be digging into what the manager is hoping to learn about sales behaviour - and then finding a more accurate way of measuring that behaviour.

    Supposing there is a legit reason for this, a solution could be:

    • Create 2 fields - "human modified by" and "date human modified"
    • Create a new BPM which listens for any change to the Opp where the current user is not admin, and updates these 2 fields accordingly with current user and now, respectively.
  • I fully support what has suggested, both as an approach and potential solution.

    In case it helps I just wanted to add, does the manager need to view these 'human modified dates' for use in a report, or just whenever he views an Opportunity record? If the latter, you could use either the Audit log, or the Activities stream.

    For reporting, the new fields suggested by Adam would be best - however, also consider it will only tell you which 'human' was the most recent person to modify the Opp.

    Hope it helps

    CRM Business Consultant

  • Hello  Kristjan

    As you know, Sugar does not differentiate user and automation because automation is performed on behalf of the user. So the possible solution is just not to update the Opp record automatically.

    Have you tried to move the autoupdated field to the custom module related to Opp as one-to-one?

    That might help to protect the record from recording autoupdates as record modifications 

    I haven't tried, consider as an idea



  • Thanks everybody! I spoke with the manager and asked what he was after, as suggested. Then I suggested using Audit log, like mentioned. The manager liked that idea.