Renewals Console Opportunities Tab

Why does the Renewals Console Opportunities Tab include all open opportunities not just ones that contain renewal RLIs ? If there was the ability to add a filter to only include renewals that would be a solution. At the moment, the Tab is of little use as it is just an Opportunity Pipeline instead of a Renewals Pipeline.

  • Hi Greg, good point! While it does include all opportunities out-of-the-box, it's easy to modify the filter. However, the ability to filter the console by Opportunities' Renewal field is coming soon. Currently, the list of fields available for console filtering is rather limited and does not include the Renewals field. The Sell team is working to improve this right now, actually!

    Also, once we have a chance to add a more generic Sellers Console, it may make sense to narrow the stock filter for the Renewals Console. Thanks for the input on this!