Sugar LPI End-of-Support (EOS) FAQ

What is Sugar LPI?

Sugar Lotus Notes Plug-In (LPI) provides email and personal information management within Sugar by integrating with Lotus Notes (also known as HCL Notes or IBM Notes).

When is the effective date for end-of-support for Sugar Plug-in for IBM Notes?

LPI will reach end-of-support on August 30, 2020.

What does end-of-support mean to my business?

End-of-support means that the SugarCRM will cease all development, maintenance, and support activity on Sugar LPI. There will be no additional software releases, enhancements, or defect fixes. In addition, SugarCRM will no longer accept support cases regarding Sugar LPI.

If you would like to continue to use LPI, your software use will continue to function uninterrupted. However, SugarCRM will cease development, maintenance, and support of the software. There will be no future releases after August 30, 2020 and there will be no exceptions to that date.

I am an existing LPI customer. What are my options?

While there are many excellent options that you can explore to service your email and calendaring needs, SugarCRM does not endorse any specific alternate solutions. Sugar does offer a very robust integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite via our Connect product.

You also have the option to work with SugarCRM business partner Ambit Software, which will be taking over development, support, and maintenance of LPI. Ambit is an independent vendor and your existing SugarCRM relationship is not transferable to Ambit. To receive LPI support and maintenance from Ambit, you will need to enter into a commercial agreement with them.

I am an existing LPI customer and I have a renewal coming up. What does this mean to my renewal?

If you have a renewal coming up, please work with your Customer Success team member who can help you identify the best option for uninterrupted support going forward. If you do not know your Customer Success team member, contact SugarCRM Customer Success.

Can I contact SugarCRM if I run into any issues with LPI?

Prior to August 30, 2020, please contact SugarCRM for all issues and questions you might have regarding LPI. After August 30, 2020, SugarCRM will not support any customer reported issues related to LPI. At that time, we will direct customers to Ambit Software for their ongoing LP support and maintenance needs. To receive LPI support and maintenance from Ambit, you will need to enter into a commercial agreement with them.

What happens if we discover a security issue after August 30, 2020?

End-of-support means that all development, maintenance, and support of LPI has ended. SugarCRM assumes no responsibility for any type of issues discovered or feature enhancement requests after August 30, 2020.

Who should I contact if I have a question after August 30, 2020?

If you have an agreement with Ambit Software, all inquiries should be directed to them after August 30, 2020.