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over 1 year ago

Custom fields mapped to Sugar Market

When we create a new custom field e.g. "Interested in" as a checkbox which we can use in a Form to see what the replier is intrested in. When I map to this field in Form builder I need to create these options manually and the logic does not fetch the different options which is already set up when creating the field. 

Is there any possibility to add this request? 

  • Hi , thank you for contributing an idea to Sugar Market!

    I like the intention here of making it easier to configure a field in FormBuilder, but think it might be a bit more complex than originally expected, depending upon whether you think that changes made within the CRM to that checkbox list should automatically carry through to the public facing form. Here are some thoughts/questions

    • Just to make sure I've understood your idea correctly - you've created a multiselect dropdown/picklist/checkboxlist in your CRM, and then when you select 'checkbox' (or dropdown, radio etc), your expectation is that "List Options" is pre-populated with the list of options that were already defined within the CRM?
    • If yes - would you want the ability to manipulate the options on the form? e.g. the Lead Source field in a CRM is often exposed on public facing forms as "Where did you hear about us?", and the way that you internally see that data might be different to how you want the public to read it?
    • If yes (e.g. you've relabelled a dropdown value on the public facing form to be different from what's stored in the CRM) - what would you want to happen if someone changed it in the CRM?
    • Taking the Lead Source example further - a common item is something like "Staff Referral" or something similar - which you might not want to display on the public facing form at all. Would you want the ability to remove items from the list in Form Builder? What about adding? - and again - what if the dropdown is edited back at source?

    It feels difficult to design automation here which would be intuitive in the majority of scenarios - as I run through these questions, I'm not sure if I'd want it to automatically sync things.

    Maybe an option would be that when you select to map a field to CRM, and it has options available, it could prompt the user with "copy current values of this list from CRM?" - implying that its a once-off action, and from then on, you're manually manipulating. This keeps initial setup time down, and moves the pain to maintenance.

    Keen to hear your thoughts!