Field Submission rules - hidden field


I have created a hidden field to be able to handle that new contacts that come into the system get certain types of values.

However, I only want it to be new contacts that come in via forms that get these values ​​and have therefore not set the condition Overwrite data. 

After a contact has filled in the form, I want the contacts that get a certain value to go further into a nurture. If the value corresponds to what I have put on my hidden field, I want them to move on to a nurture.

Can I in any way distinguish between the contacts that are new and should have the hidden value and the contacts that already exist and have a different value? And get the right contacts in to the nurture that i want? 

I have tried to set it up as the picture shows below, but without the result I want.

  • Hi Alexandra,

    The best way to handle that logic would be in the nurture vs. in the form. Those who complete the form with that hidden value would all be added to the nurture, then you would begin the nurture with a condition to sort who is new and who is not. You could potentially use something like the Created Date of the contact. This may need to be a "List Checker" condition based on a report depending on the logic required. 



    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM