Nurture 2.0 update elements i CRM


I have created a nurture, in nurture builder 2.0.

In that nurture the first step is that I send an email asking the contact to press a button to register for news letters. 

After that I'm looking if the contact hav clicked the link,

then I update the field i market, witch I then want to push to the CRM.

But my contacts are stopping at the update filed step. 

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? 

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  • Yes, based on that, once they click they should go to the "yes" branch, but no one will move to the "no" until 100 days has passed. Based on this, they should go to the yes when they click. To troublehsoot, I would confirm that the URL here exactly matches the URL from the email and that you see that click with the same URL in the Journey for that contact. If the URLs do not match at any point along the way, then the criteria will not be met to move them to the yes branch. 

    If all of those things to check out, then you may want to check with Support so they can investigate more specifically. 



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