What would happen if I used a Sugar Market distribution list before an import to that list was finished?

Question is in the subject. Some additional specifics:

  • Question came up because I want to do a few mailings tomorrow, but I estimate the import will not be done by deadline.
  • The import is being keyed on CRMID
  • We do not have Sugar Market integrated
  • The emails sent tomorrow will be part of a Nurture 2.0 campaign


  • Hi Ed,

    How large is the list you are importing? I believe the list would have to be quite large to not finish by the next day. If the list was not finished processing and was associated to a campaign, at the time of send we will only send to records present on the list at that time. So, for example, if your full list was 20,000 records and only 15,000 have imported at the time of send, then the campaign would not be sent to the remaining 5,000. Since you are using a nurture it is possible to set the auto-refresh to check the list on a recurring basis and continue to send to newly added list members, but this may not fit your use case. If you do use that feature it will continue to send at the set interval to any new list members, so if your campaign is not evergreen you would want to deactivate the campaign as a best practice after all recipients have been sent the message. 



    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM

  • Good Morning Jana,

    The list is pretty big, about 83k.

    Thanks so much for the info about auto-refresh. I was hoping there would be some kind of option like that I could offer my stakeholders. Not perfect, but a good option to offer them.

    Thanks for always having such great info!


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