File Name in Dashboard Clicks Per Link

When looking at the Clicks Per Link for a campaign, if I use a link to an asset in Asset Manager, I only get the link for the asset in AWS.

If I go to Asset Manager, I can't seem to find a way to relate the asset number with an asset in Asset Manager. I don't see a way to view, filter, sort or something else.

Is there any way to determine, if there are multiple links to assets, which one the contact downloaded? I guess I could type the URL in to see, but for reporting it would be nice to know what was downloaded.

  • Hi John,

    There are two tips that could assist here. If you click the "View Email" button at the top of the dashboard, when the email displays you will be able to see the visual link clicks as you hover over the different links in your email. This will show you how many people click each of the links. 

    Another option that would allow you to more easily tell which link is which is to put a query string on the Asset Library link so that it will display when you hover over the link name in the dashboard like in your screenshot above. So it would look something like: 

    This will link to your asset the same as before, but you'll have more detail in the URL to determine which asset it is. The values above are just an example. You can put whatever you would like after the "?". You'll want to add this additional information to the links when you create the email.

    I hope this helps!



    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM