Form Connector to 3rd party form

Hi Sugar Clubbers,

With external form connectors do they suppress the original submit functionally on the 3rd party form?

For example, I have a form on my website that on submit sends an email.

I create an external form connector in Sugar Market for that form and place the code on my external form.

When that form is filled in and submitted do both sets of functionality happen? My Sugar Market actions and the original actions.

Or does the Sugar Market connector suppress any original functionality on the form - This is what I'm hoping for.

Kind regards


  • Hi Justin,

    The form connector should not prevent any other actions on the original form from occurring. The Sugar Market actions will not fire until we receive the submission into the system and any subsequent logic/actions on the dummy landing page associated to that form connector would take place at that time. It is usually pretty instantaneous, but we only take action once we receive the submission from the external form. 



    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM