Top 4 Nurture Campaigns You Need to Start Doing

We thought it would be great to share the top 4 email nurture campaigns that we recommend companies start thinking about:

1. The general nurture
Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Nurture campaigns are supposed to provide a personalized message to a specific group of people. The purpose of the general nurture is to be purely educational to all of your customers and prospects. It’s meant to position your company as a thought leader in your industry. No pitch included here, just great content - and you don’t even have to generate it all! It can also include industry shares such as analyst reports or relevant blog posts. The added bonus of having a general nurture is that it’s a reason to engage with your entire database.

Expert Tip: Consider doing topic-based nurtures that originate from a pre-determined level of engagement with your general nurture.

2. The customer nurture
Marketing to your customer base is an important part of reducing customer churn. Customer marketing isn’t simply account management or customer service communications. Do all of your customers take advantage of all of your product(s) or service(s)? If you can confidently answer yes to that question, congratulations! You are in the small minority. Customer nurture campaigns can help identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, but more importantly, helps to create customer loyalty.

Expert Tip: If you’re already doing nurture campaigns to your customers, try integrating more into the customer experience. For instance, perhaps the timing of your invoices could be aligned with your nurture campaign. Also, try segmenting your customer nurtures based on customer type. Perhaps larger customers get a different type of nurture or try segmenting your nurtures based on product type.

3. The closed-lost opportunity nurture
If you’re using integrated CRM and marketing automation, you can do so much nurturing with the data you have on your closed-lost opportunities. Do you and your competitors sell on 12 month contracts? If you lose a deal to a competitor, you know exactly when that deal is going to be up for renewal and can start nurturing months before the renewal. Sometimes your biggest competitor is simply the prospect not purchasing anything from anyone. You can start automated nurturing to revive the opportunity. Your sales team puts so much time and effort into opportunities, so don’t waste the time spent!

Expert tip: Just because you know which competitor you lost to doesn’t mean you should use that particular piece of information in a nurture campaign.

4. The first campaign nurture
FInally, the first three nurtures in this blog post have been about broader nurturing. The power of a nurture builder is the ability to be extremely targeted. Try out a campaign with very granular data. Looking to target IT Directors from companies with $100 mil.+ in revenue that have 200+ employees? Campaign engagements statistics will go up if your can make your message as relevant to the audience as possible.