user and role management - templates


I don't know if i understand the user and role permissions in Market. 

If I as an admin create a email template, can only other users within the admin role use this templates and send out emails created by the email template? 

A situation has occurred where an admin have created templates and then other users (outside the admin role) have created an email with the template but haven't been able to send this emails out. 

Where have we done wrong? 

  • Hi Alexandra, 

    There isn't a permission that would allow someone to create an email, but prevent them from sending it. The access to Email Builder is all or nothing, so if you can create, then you can also send. 

    Are they receiving any sort of error message when they try to schedule the email? I recommend confirming that all required information is included in the send (subject, from/reply to, From name, recipient list, etc.). 



    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM