Scoring actions the difference between Add lead and Push lead

Hello Community,

In a Scoring profile with Profile Scoring Actions.

I've been told that "Push to External CRM" updates existing leads in the CRM, it doesn't create new leads.

My question is does "Add Lead to External CRM" only add new leads to the external CRM or does this action also update existing?

or do I need to use both in my Profile Scoring Actions?

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  • Hi ,

    Per our Scoring documentation on Scoring Actions: it will add a lead record if none exists, if one does exists it will update. Effectively doing both insert or update.

    Add Lead to External CRM : Adds a new lead record in Sugar Market and the CRM.  If the lead already exists for the given email address, then a new lead will not be created in the CRM. If the email address does not exist in the CRM, then a flag is set to add the lead to the CRM. If the email address already has a CRM ID, then a flag is set to update the record.