Ending an IP warming period

Hello, a client of ours has been in an IP warming phase since June 2019 - they've been batching a 10K list in about 6 batches of ~2,500 recipients on a semi-regular and monthly basis. They are wondering if they can end the warming / batching period. Does this seem like a good idea, or is it too early to end the warming period? If they have a campaign that needs to go out on the same date and time, what do you suggest for over 80k recipient list? Should they still be sending the campaign out in batches or can they send it one shot of 80k?

  • Hi Dia,

    The most important thing when sending, either during a warming period or after, is consistency. If you have the need to send to a larger than normal set up recipients, which would cause a spike in your sending volume, then you would want to build up to that number or break the send into smaller batches that are more in line with your typical sending patterns. Alternatively, if you will continue sending to that larger number of recipients consistently, then you would want to steadily increase your send volume over a period of several days and then maintain that volume on a consistent basis moving forward. 



    Director, Customer Enablement | SugarCRM