The Possible Values Feature

When creating a custom report or dynamic list in Sugar Market, one helpful feature is the Possible Values button. This button is located at the bottom of the filter pop-up window when adding a new filter to your custom report. Once you select your Column Name and Operator, you can click the Possible Values button which will display a dropdown menu with all the existing values in the selected field. When you select your desired value, it will populate the Column Value field for you. 

Because the Possible Values dropdown displays all variations of the values associated with your selected field, it is useful for the following reasons: 

  • You can make sure you have selected the correct field if you have multiple similarly named fieldsFields you don't use will likely display a blank Possible Values dropdown. 

For Example: Contacts.MailingStateContacts.BillingStateContacts.State, etc 

  • You can make sure you have selected the correct values since there can be many variations of a piece of data in your system. This can help you clean up your data or make sure you capture all variations in your filters. 

For Example: For Mailing.Country, the value could be "United States", "US", "USA", "United States of America", "The United States", and so on 

  • Specifically for date fields, the Possible Values dropdown will display a selection of merge tag options where you can dynamically filter a time frame from the selected date field. 

For Example: Yesterday, Start of this year, End of current month, Start of last week, etc

Keep in mind that the Possible Values dropdown may display different picklist values than your CRM because it will take into account any possible value for that field, past and present. It may also have trouble displaying values for fields with infinite values such as FirstName or Title.   

Using the Possible Values feature can help you create cleaner custom reports and all-encompassing dynamic lists.