Triggering Lead/Contact Creation or Updates

Through the integration between SugarCRM and Sugar Market, the systems can create or update leads and contacts. Below is a list of how records can be created or updated by both systems.

SugarCRM/Sugar Sell

  • When a new lead or contact record is added to CRM, the record has a new created date. The sync cycle to Market runs around every 20-30 minutes. If the created date is since the previous sync cycle, Sugar Market will sync over the newly created record.
  • When an existing lead or contact in CRM is edited and saved, this should update the modified date for that record. Sugar Market will check the modified date field for any record updates since the previous sync cycle. If the date is since the previous sync cycle, Sugar Market will resync that record to ensure it is up to date inside Sugar Market.
  • If a record is updated either individually or on mass the modified date must also be updated for the record to be updated in Sugar Market. If the modified date does not update, the record in CRM will have the new field data and the record in Sugar Market will have the old field data.

Sugar Market

  • Through the integration, Sugar Market can only create lead records in CRM. If you want to have the record created in CRM as a Contact you will need to create this as a workflow in CRM.
  • Form completions can create new leads and update existing leads/contacts.
  • Based on a record hitting a lead scoring threshold, Sugar Market can create a new lead or update an existing record. To update records, you would need to create an ‘Update Contact’ template which can then be applied to the Actions in the threshold.
  • Event Listeners can create new lead records and update existing records. You can select to add or update via the Event Activities options.
  • Lead records can be manually created or updated from Sugar Market. Contact records can only be manually updated. Inside a record inside Sugar Market CRM, you can click the Context Menu and under this menu you will see either ‘Push into CRM’ or ‘Update in CRM’.
  • Finally Nurtures can update an existing CRM record. You would need to create an ‘Update Contact’ template and apply this template to the ‘CRM Action – Update Contact/Lead via Template’ step.

Created by James Brown