Will I miss out on some of my records if I update my CRM during a Sugar Market Sync?

Are you concerned that when you run a mass update to CRM and a Sugar Market sync takes place during, some of the updated records may be missed?

Below is the scenario:

You run a mass update in your CRM for about 1,000 records. This process could take several minutes to complete—in this case, we’ll say five minutes. On minute two, the Sugar Market sync begins.

Is it possible that some of the updated records could be missed and not updated in Sugar Market?

Luckily, none of the records that are being updated in the CRM will ever be missed by Sugar Market, regardless if the updates in CRM are being made mid-Sugar Market sync or not. This is because each sync is looking at the past 20 minutes prior to the time the sync is scheduled.

When Sugar Market first begins the sync, the system starts by getting the record count and the IDs for all the records that meet the time condition prior to pulling from each table. So, if the sync time is 10:00 AM, the system does a query of all records modified between 9:40 AM and 10:00 AM, gathers the IDs, and begins the syncing process. If the mass update of the records in CRM began at 10:02 AM, during the Sugar Market sync, then none of the new changes would come back yet, but would be pushed to the next sync cycle.

This is because while the system is gathering the IDs, it also timestamps the records that are being synced. In this example, we’ll say they’re timestamped at 10:00 AM. So, even if some of those records are updated in CRM during the sync, they will then be updated with a NEW timestamp (in this example, let’s say 10:02AM). Because they have this updated timestamp, they will be added to the NEXT sync cycle at 10:20 AM.

Created by Jana Ferguson and Michael North

Edited by Brianna Bridges