Target Lists and Sugar Market

See below for additional details on syncing in target lists from CRM, written by our very own James Brown

Sugar Market's integration with SugarCRM/Sugar Sell can pull in Target Lists from CRM into Market ready to use for marketing purposes. For Sugar Market to be able to do this, there are certain items that need to be set up in both Market and CRM.

Inside Sugar Market:

  • Inside the SugarCRM connector screen inside Sugar Market, the PULL Target Lists checkbox needs to be checked. We recommend deleting any unwanted or old Target Lists before doing this as the integration will pull in ALL Target Lists.

Inside SugarCRM:

  • A Target List needs to be created and records need to be added to the list.
  • When the list is created and saved the list will then sync over to Sugar Market in the regular sync cycle. This means the list should be available within 30mins (this time depends on the number of records on the list) of the list being saved in CRM.
  • The list is added to the distribution lists area in Sugar Market and is created as a static list.
  • If new records are added to the target list in CRM they will not be automatically added to the list in Sugar Market. For the list to be updated, the list needs to be saved in CRM which updates the modified date of the list. The list is then re-synced over in the next sync cycle. This is how you ensure the target list is kept up to date in Sugar Market.

Created by James Brown