Horizontal Lines in Email Builder


Can we make the horizontal lines in Email Builder go all the way out in the page? It  looks like this atm:

We would like the lines to go all the way out :)Slight smile

  • Hi Sofia,

    The horizontal lines will only go as wide of the email design. You can increase the email width to be a maximum of 900px which will make the horizontal lines wider. The lines will not go all the way across the designer.

    The part where you want to have the horizontal lines is actually not part of the email. The highlighted areas are part of the background and not part of the email itself.

    Depending on what device the recipient is using, the horizontal line could appear to go all the way across the email and background any way.

    I hope this info helps,


    James Brown

    Implementation Consultant


  • Definitly, thank you James :) 

    Best Regards,

    Sofia Jonsson