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I do not find the answer in the FAQ so I post it here.

I am seeking information about how Sugar Market manages the use case where more than one contact is linked to an opportunity in Sugar. If I am correct, there is only one contact which is synced from Sugar to Market so which one if I have two or three related to the opp? What is the technical rule?

On a different aspect, am I correct if I say that the synced contact is the one which is involved by the listener involving the opportunities? By example, if I create a listener triggered by a change on an opportunity and if I select the "add to nurture" option, am I correct if I say that the contact related to each opportunity is the one which is added to the nurture?



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  • Hi JP,

    I can answer part of your questions. In Market an opportunity is assigned to one lead/contact, it cannot be assigned to multiple owners.

    All leads/contact record will be synced into Market no matter if they associated to an oppo or not. As long as the lead/contact has an ID number in CRM the record will be in Market as well.

    The listener will do an action based on the conditional logic set in the listener. If the oppo meets the criteria of the logic, the action will happen for the 1 owner of the oppo in Market.

    I will need to gain more info on the oppo sync and come back to you.



    James Brown

    Implementation Consultant