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I do not find the answer in the FAQ so I post it here.

I am seeking information about how Sugar Market manages the use case where more than one contact is linked to an opportunity in Sugar. If I am correct, there is only one contact which is synced from Sugar to Market so which one if I have two or three related to the opp? What is the technical rule?

On a different aspect, am I correct if I say that the synced contact is the one which is involved by the listener involving the opportunities? By example, if I create a listener triggered by a change on an opportunity and if I select the "add to nurture" option, am I correct if I say that the contact related to each opportunity is the one which is added to the nurture?



  • Hi JP,

    I can answer part of your questions. In Market an opportunity is assigned to one lead/contact, it cannot be assigned to multiple owners.

    All leads/contact record will be synced into Market no matter if they associated to an oppo or not. As long as the lead/contact has an ID number in CRM the record will be in Market as well.

    The listener will do an action based on the conditional logic set in the listener. If the oppo meets the criteria of the logic, the action will happen for the 1 owner of the oppo in Market.

    I will need to gain more info on the oppo sync and come back to you.



    James Brown

    Implementation Consultant


  • Hi Jean-Philippe,

    What is the reason for employing Opps in the Market while having Sugar Sell in place?

    Opps are the objects for Sales team efforts, while the Lead is the outcome of marketing efforts and inbound entity for Sales, so that sales could qualify them and convert into Opps according to b2b methodology.

    To keep nurture the  Contacts of the Opps with Marketing, those Contacts should belong to some Target list.

    The Target list could be actualized automatically with e.g. SugarBPM /report/ logic hook (developed or configured with Logic Builder) - but anyway it is done on the basis of some criteria that maintained in the sales tool - SugarSell.

    For example you may use a logichook to add Contact to the Target list as soon as it linked to Open Opp, and remove it once the Opp is closed or Contact is unlinked from the Opp - I can configure an example with Logic Builder if you like, or you can make it

    I may presuppose, Opps in the Market are for non-Sugar subscribers of ex-SalesFusion




  • I would like to slightly disagree on that one Slight smile

    Yes you can use target lists (although in Sugar you have to code to make them dynamic, or to build BPMs). But TLs will get cumbersome if you want to have a high level of personalisation: date of purchase, amount, products, type (renewal/first time) etc. Actually the same goes for other business objects: contracts, cases, etc. 

    I've spoken to the Market team and they are working on that. Let's hope we'll have more data to play with in the future. 

    Damien Pochon

    CRM & Digital consultant @ ITS4U Group

  • Hi Dmytro,

    This is to meet the following use case with Sugar Sell or ENT: a client has a B2B target but a B2C approach and sells online. In this case, you use the Opps entity to store the orders. By sincing the opps and using the listeners, we could imagine to send emails to the contact related to the Opp (e.g. Congratulations for your 1st order). 

    We could also imagine to add the contact to a Nurture (e.g. Customer Success emails-serie) when an Opp is won.

    In this view, it is important to know what could be the side effects if several contacts are related to the Opp in Sugar, as only 1 contact is linked to the Opp object in Market. 

  • Hi Damien,

    Oh, we can ask to enable all the Sales Domain data in the the Marketing tool, but that process will never end :)))

    CRM may contain not only sociographic but behavioral info, that comes from other sources (purchase date comes from e-Commerce or ERP), and could be of use for marketing

    I vote for using tools specific to domains providing right attributes to the object that belongs to the domain
    I suppose there is no Opportunity entity in general meaningg for the Marketing Domain - in general, the domain includes just Targets, Groups of Targets (based on dynamic criteria or ad hoc) and Messages.

    Also the Opps in the Market seems not equal to Opps in Sugar Sell - the same name but different content, and that may confuse sometimes.

    Let me explain my understanding.

    James said Opp is assigned to one Contact.
    That is because Opp in the Market is the last stage of nurturing of the persona in the target list 
    In other terminology that is called "Lead management", because the Lead, as we know from one of its definitions, is "the interest in the product expressed by persona in the particular channel"...

    Probably, there were no Leads in SalesFusion before Sugar, because it looks like Opp had played that role

    Now, when Leads are represented along with  Contacts in the Market, the place for "the interest to the product expressed by persona in the particular channel" is fulfilled; logically there is no place for Opp in Marketing.

    That is why I suggest Target Lists that belongs to Marketing Domain


  • Hi  Jean Philippe

    Not sure I understand the basics of the model...

    Let me describe an example, please let me know if its close to the model you have

    For sales online there are no opportunities in a general meaning  - there might be neither proactive sales efforts stretched in time nor a group of influencers to deal with,  just a fast ordering process...

    The customer might have a list of purchases per account in Sugar Sell - subpanel per account?, while the account should have a number of contacts in Sugar Sell - a regular Contacts for Account

    Whenever a purchase happened (I suppose this info comes to Sugar Sell from an external system with integration)  and if the first purchase is identified by Sugar according to the purchase list in Sugar, then the contact of the account (which one, is there criterion which ones to target?) should be linked to the "Congratulate on 1 purchase" Target List.

    This Target List.is synced with Market.

    There should be a corresponding nurturing campaign in the Market that on a refresh of that list will trigger sending the email.


  • Hi Jean-Philippe

    Sorry for not completed the reply.

    Here is the video of configuring logic hook "Automatically add Opp Contacts to the Target List on Opp Won" -
    It takes 8 minutes for non-developer to configure and deploy - all from scratch


    and Sugar zip extension package configured in the video:


    please feel free to use it - it needs nothing but Sugar to operate

    Please let me know if any adjustments to perform to the implementation provided, I'd be happy to adapt the logic - as you can see, it takes minutes

    As I mentioned previously, the Target List can sync to the Market, where the nurturing campaign with one email in it will trigger email sending whenever new contacts appear in the Target list in the Market

    Let me know if any questions

    Have a nice weekend,